The Company

Delta Effe is a family business based on the experience acquired by the Leali family in over two-century activity in the field of steel hot working: since the nineteenth century, in fact, the family has been manufacturing agricultural tools by using water hammers.

The hydraulic forge from which the company originated, a picturesque facility dating back to the Middle Ages and fully operational until the 1970s, is now a museum that shows a solid, efficient and deep-rooted working culture. In the 1980s Delta Effe began manufacturing forks, in particular for the rural and the building sectors, and implementing forged parts used in the steel industry, in the shipbuilding and the railway sectors.

In 2004 the company moved into the current headquarters, in Bedizzole (BS), where a first facility specifically used for the production of forks for lift trucks and, later, a forging plant for the manufacturing of special forks for large capacities and for the machining of forgings made of special steel and non-ferrous alloys were installed.

Today Delta Effe is a point of reference for the forging of metals, the machining of forged parts and the production of lifting, earthmoving, standard and special forks. Delta Effe's engineering knowledge and know-how enable the company to provide effective custom-made solutions for the specific requirements of an increasingly sophisticated and demanding market. The different sectors in which it operates also make Delta Effe's production ideal for a wide range of applications: from metallurgy to agriculture, from logistics to the petrochemical industry.

The company is always investing financial and human resources in research and development to further diversify its offering and ensure the highest quality standards. The collaboration with the leading manufacturers of lift trucks and equipment in Europe confirms the innate commitment and ever growing expertise of Delta Effe.