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Non-Ferrous Alloy Forged Parts

Forging is a process of hot deformation of metals and non-ferrous alloys, used to increase the mechanical strength of the product for equal material . Forging is performed by using hammer hydraulic presses and it is essential for all those metal parts that are subjected to high dynamic stress.

Delta Effe has over two-century experience in the field of steel hot working and specializes in special steel and non-ferrous metal forging, especially in the free forging of small and medium-sized forged parts used in various industrial sectors.

Inside the manufacturing plant in Bedizzole (BS), Delta Effe has a line expressly used for steel forging, consisting of 2 reheating furnaces, a furnace for heat treatments, a 15 q manipulator, a 500 t hydraulic press, a 750 kg auto-compressing drop hammers and a 300 kg one.

The use of advanced machinery and the expertise of the staff allow the company to manufacture any type of forged parts with minimum machining allowances, offering high quality and cutting costs for the subsequent finishing operations performed by the machine tools.

forged forks
forged forks
forged forks

Forged Forks

for Big Loads

Through the forging process and the following decontamination thermal treatment, the forks get more resistant to their core and improve their anti-wear properties on the surface. Forged forks are, therefore, ideal for all those applications that require large-load capacities, as well as for particular applications that require special measures and technical characteristics which are beyond the market standards.
Delta Effe produces special forks of any size perfectly matching the needs of the customer. The forging of the forks is done inside the company plant and in full compliance with UNI ISO 2328 and 2330 international quality regulations. Thanks to the company internal production and its specialization in the prototyping field, Delta Effe guarantees the supply of products of the highest level in a short and punctual time.

Forged Parts

made in non-ferrous alloys

The production of Delta Effe includes small and medium-sized forged parts used in many industrial sectors. Besides their high mechanical strength, forged parts also guarantee an excellent resistance to corrosion, which makes them very popular in the shipbuilding and the petrochemical sectors.

Thanks to a wide range of solutions, the unquestionable quality of the finished products and the promptness and punctuality of the delivery, Delta Effe is now a renowned and qualified partner for the most various sectors.

Forged Parts made in non-ferrous alloys
Forged Parts made in non-ferrous alloys
Forged Parts made in non-ferrous alloys