Forks for forklift trucks, earth moving machinery and agricultural machinery

Use, safety, control.

  • 1            Use the forks only for the maximum capacity stamped.
  • 2            Lock the fork to the plate with the special latch before use.
  • 3            Transport loads with both forks and make sure the load is stable.
  • 4            The forks must not be used to push the loads.
  • 5            Standard forks must not be used upside down;
                  special forks are to be used for this application.
  • 6            Periodically check:
                • The wear on the heel.
                • The bending area to test the inclination and to detect any micro-cracks.
                • The areas subject to welding to detect microcracks and deformations.
                 • The height difference between the tips which must not be more than 3% of the fork length.
  • 7            As per ISO 5057, the fork must be replaced when the original
                  thickness of the heel is worn by 10%.
  • 8            Immediately remove the forks from the cart in case of visible defects.
  • 9            Never alter or modify the forks without first consulting the manufacturer.
  • 10           The certificate of conformity issued by Delta Effe enables you to identify the production cycle of the forks,
                  provides all the checks required by ISO 2328-2330 and is the only valid
                  document for the suitability and use of our products.

Delta Effe's forks are entirely manufactured in our head office in Bedizzole - Brescia – Italy.